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For an Afternoon

A Work of Love
A Tempered Fury
A Bold Approach

For an Evening

A Shadow and Wind Dance
The Settling Dusk
Clarity in a Season’s Rain

For a Journey

Training Light by the Tracks
The Night Pull

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The Night Pull

Rushing wind pours, the night beckons

Determination, the journey begins. The forest is all around.

In the night, an sscape satyr makes his way through the forest.

Lights bob in the darkness.

The twirl of romance

Striking out into the night from and for.


Walking right into the thick of it

Embracing fate

Gripping the path

Swirl of lights

gripping the journey
Embrace fate! Grip your path! The time is here and the day is short.
“The Night Pull” is the inaugural track of “sscape music For a Journey.”

The Night Pull Instruments

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Acoustic Guitar

French Horn



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