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Clarity in a Season’s Rain

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Training Light by the Tracks
The Night Pull

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Clarity in a seasons rain

Clarity in a Season’s Rain

something at least to find a little peace

something with at least a little finality

Clarity in a Season’s Rain works to wrap and settle the last vestiges of the day as the evening draws near.

It begins as in a storm.

It works to organize the chaos and the tumult.

To clear the way for and to meaning.

To bring soothing and calm to agitated thoughts and nerves.

To give release to tense feelings and repurpose them.

Finally bringing the scattered work of the day into one accord.

And with finality move into the evening.

clarity in the end
clarity in the end

Clarity in a Season’s Rain is the first song on ‘sscape Music for an Evening.’

In the forefront the acoustic guitar and violas interact with each other for a good sized chunk of the song.

Clarity in a Season’s Rain Instruments

Acoustic Guitar





Strings section

French Horn


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