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For an Afternoon

A Work of Love
A Tempered Fury
A Bold Approach

For an Evening

A Shadow and Wind Dance
The Settling Dusk
Clarity in a Season’s Rain

For a Journey

Training Light by the Tracks
The Night Pull

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a work of love

A Work of Love

Wholly unite heart, mind, will and body in devotion.

Confront anything and all that stands between.

Perdition in the throes of love.

Weariness overcome.

Sigh with unquenchable longing and enthusiastic anticipation.

The joy of united lovers.

Gripping resolve in the face of the unknown.

Clutched with purpose.

Life inflated by color.

Strength of tender moments.

Beauty in the chaos and order of love
Beauty in the chaos and order of love

“A Work of Love” is the third installment in “sscape music For an Afternoon.”

A fluid yet restrained piece.

Love. For such an essential mineral it can be very difficult to articulate. At one moment it is organized chaos the next calm and serene.

A peculiar thing. One moment inflating life with an apocalypse of color the next desaturating each second of existence.

One moment infusing with a fury hotter than exile the next exiling its minions to nights and days of longing and lonely wandering.

A Work of Love

String Bass







French Horn

Love is nature
Love is the foundation and nature of life.


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