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For an Afternoon

A Work of Love
A Tempered Fury
A Bold Approach

For an Evening

A Shadow and Wind Dance
The Settling Dusk
Clarity in a Season’s Rain

For a Journey

Training Light by the Tracks
The Night Pull

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A Tempered Fury

A Tempered Fury

Grip tight the rails.

Unleash strength and courage, bring reckoning upon all obstacles.

To will and to will not.

Struggle to the end.

Force breath into the lungs.

Give not one inch.

Fury as a fence.

Push, pull, bend, cut down.

Shape and wield steel.

Singular focus with a weather eye.

Be weather beaten but resolved.

Fury and Restraint
A fine line between fury and restraint

“A Tempered Fury” answered a need within the sscape music projects to create with a ‘harder’ and faster sense.

A Tempered Fury Instruments

String Bass





French Horn






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