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For an Afternoon

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A Tempered Fury
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For an Evening

A Shadow and Wind Dance
The Settling Dusk
Clarity in a Season’s Rain

For a Journey

Training Light by the Tracks
The Night Pull

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A fall forest is a perfect spot for a shadow and wind dance

A Shadow and Wind Dance

Wear proudly the passion of your movement.

Give gentle cues and take them.

Respect your partners rhythm.

Consider those to come and those past.

With a light heart carry gravity.

Overcome obstacles with passion.


Strength drawn from a gentle will.

The awe of being alive.

The dignity of life.

Passion has its own direction in sscape musics "Shadow and Wind Dance"
Passion has its own direction in sscape music’s “Shadow and Wind Dance”

“A Shadow and Wind Dance” is the third installment in “sscape music For an Evening.”

Variations and adaptations are a key technical theme in “A Shadow and Wind Dance.”

So short are life’s seasons. A mere blink, a faint if even noticed blip on the map. And yet, strong are the passions.

Death is nothing.

Strong is the meaning when moving with love.

A Shadow and Wind Dance


French Horns

String Bass







bird silhouette
Short are life’s seasons but the passions are strong.


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