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A Shadow and Wind Dance

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The Settling Dusk

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Clarity in a Season’s Rain

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For an Evening

something at least a little enchanting

something at least a little relfective

A time of enchantment.

A respite from the days toils.

The evening is a time marked by reflection.

A time of renewal.

A time of fire and passion.

A time for relaxation.

A time to unravel and find peace beyond the struggles of the day.

A time of solitude.

A time of celebration.

A time of romance.

sscape for an evening
sscape for an evening
sscape music for an evening.

The Seeds of sscape

‘Music for an Evening’ is the first sscape music project.  It began in the apparent chasm between the genre’s and stylings of today and the musical substance of earlier music.

It began in the sense of self that is far less than articulated in todays music and also looking for something not entirely divulged by earlier works.

It is a first attempt at experientially tapping into older ideas on composition and musical flow.

More than the technical ambitions, are the feelings it strives for and works to convey.