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A Work of Love

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A Tempered Fury

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A Bold Approach

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For an Afternoon

something with at least a little vigor

something with at least a little air



Sweat and toil.

Overcoming obstacles.


Pastoral landscapes.

Thunderstorms over plains and prairies.

Basking in the sun and breeze.

sscape music for an afternoon

Music for an Afternoon by sscape music

Fruit of sscapes

Music for an Afternoon is the second sscape music project.  It harnesses a fervor and a motion not appropriate when sscaping “for an evening.”

And yet,

It is inspired by the sway of trees in a sunny afternoon breeze.  By motion of throwing yourself, 100% of your mind, body, heart and spirit into a task.  By a goal worth working for, struggling for, fighting for, aching for.  By birds on the tops of trees.  By the image of eyes with a single minded focus.

The marimba makes its sscape debut in “A Bold Approach.”