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Training Light by the Tracks

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The Night Pull

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For a Journey

something at least a little wild

something at least a little fantastical


The choices we are faced with and that have been taken from us while moving towards a destination, or from a point of departure.

The hollowing of anchor points and the development of roots.

The things that we won’t let go of, and the things that won’t let us go.

The need to strike out into the wilds.

The beckoning of fantastical shadows beyond the failed borders of normalcy.

The glimmering of an uncertain destination.

The brooding of discernment.

The unsought respite.

The clarity of distance.

moon through wild brush
For a Journey is unassuming. Wild and fantastical musical exploration.
Wild and at times fantastical.  ‘For a Journey’ draws considerably more from contemporary instrument pairings than its siblings.

The Night of sscape

“Music for a Journey” is the third sscape project.  It takes the sscape approach into considerably more contemporary stylings.

It operates on the assumption that along with the music of the past, there is value to be found in contemporary music.  There are life experiences, feelings, ambitions and thoughts that are usefully articulated in the pounding of drums and the strength of distorted guitars.

The use of full percussion and electric guitars allows ‘For a Journey’ to quickly distinguish itself from the other sscape projects.  Later in the sscape journey, the alto-saxophone makes its debut.

Heavier music at times punctuated with calm entrancing melody as though stumbling onto a moonlit clearing whilst trekking though a dense night covered forest.