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For an Afternoon

A Work of Love
A Tempered Fury
A Bold Approach

For an Evening

A Shadow and Wind Dance
The Settling Dusk
Clarity in a Season’s Rain

For a Journey

Training Light by the Tracks
The Night Pull

sscape music - a sound scape world

sscape music is a project based soundscape world

sscape music

Open to be inspired whether from past or present

Open to create music, without an anchor

About sscape music

sscape music is a sound scape world. It is grown and developed through three projects.

sscape music aims to create engaging music that is rewarding to a good listen but can also hold its own as background music.

There is a great deal of music already put together for each project.

Keep an eye out for more sscapes!

sscape music aims to create music that rewards a good listen and is also useful as background music

Grasping for sscape music

These days the accessibility of music is beyond comprehension.  Nowhere, and no when, in the history of the world has such a vast sea of music been so readily available to so many people.  In a large way we as creators have left this resource untapped.  And we as listeners have not strained to grasp the possibilities.

Music can improve quality of life.  It should.  Don’t take for granted that on a whim, you may bop on over to youtube and listen to any of Beethoven, or Bach or Haydn, or Mozarts’ masterpieces.  Or so many more!

Consider this:
In a month of casual listening, you would be able to listen to any of these composers and others, far more and with far better selections of performances, than the kings and queens, and emperors of their day.

Musical Lineage

In this present day there is the tremendous potential to take giant leaps towards creating music beyond compare.  Beyond the notoriety and fickle gifts of fame such music would likely amount, there is good and substantial reason to strive and push for such music.  Music captivates, stirs the imagination, purges the soul, edifies the heart, enflames the passions, lifts the mind.

I think it’s fairly pointless to set the music of today against the music of days past.  It would be much more useful to cultivate an expectation of music that has learned from the lessons of both.

Maybe I’m the only one, but I long to encounter contemporary music with the depth and substance of Beethoven’s ninth symphony.  It is not ungraspable.  I don’t need it to be a particular genre.  Not saying it isn’t out there, just haven’t encountered it or created it as of yet.

I have needs that only music can meet.  Much of yesterday and today’s music just doesn’t cut it.

It is understandable for a creator to stick to the confines of a genre or few, or a timid mix of a couple.  Genre adherence, in some way, is how it’s been done.

sscape music is a project that is not intended to rail against this style of music or that approach to music.  Instead sscape music is interested in plunging into the beating heart of music with every resource it can muster.

Genres are styles.  People are more than styles.  sscape the molds that don’t fit.

Technology and Music

Technology has obliterated many walls between music and its creators.  Software programs like Logic Pro offer scores of instruments, various approaches to notation and many other tools to further place the responsibility of music creation squarely on the shoulders of the composer.

Unlike even twenty years ago, you can write a symphony in your workstation at home and hear it played by your own orchestra.  The instrument patches vary greatly in their quality but the point of the possibilities remain the same.

As music listeners in this new musical landscape we could be groping into the chasms of silence in the current musical landscape, clamoring to have our hearts and minds uplifted by the great hand of music.  Perhaps there is an eternal enrichment to be drawn from the musical lessons of old and new.

Perhaps our cultures don’t need to be shadowed from the brilliance of musicians from a timeline no longer than our own years.  Perhaps musical meaning doesn’t need to be tied to a retro act, or nose bleed avant-garde.